Buying A Custom Paintball Jersey…

Dressing each team member in a custom paintball jersey is a great way to enhance in a pitch, I morale as well as intimidate, terrify and menace the enemy with a show of unity.

Custom jerseys can be expensive though. The least expensive custom paintball jerseys are about $65.00 each and the most expensive can cost as much as $200. Tåhe price can also depend on how difficult your logo is to transfer to fabric, how large or complicated the logo is and if you want the jersey to be a custom color.

Some manufacturers of custom paintball jerseys offer stock colors and design templates that can be slightly altered to create an individual look for your team. One of the most creative and unique sources of custom paintball jerseys can be found at

Animal Paintball has paintball jerseys in 10 different designs (most available in several colors), plus referee jerseys. Each custom print jersey can be silk screened with the player’s name and team number. This unique retailer is known for its fantastic brightly colored templates for team jerseys. For instance, the Freedom and Glory templates feature images of the Stars and Stripes, the Voodoo designs feature bio-mechanical looking skeletons and the Storm series features symmetrical images of thunderbolts.

These $65 custom paintball jerseys also boast lots of room to print a team name or logo and team discounts are offered for orders of custom print paintball jerseys.

If you prefer your custom print paintball jersey to have a more collegiate look then is probably the site for you. Dye’s paintball jerseys have shoulder padding, strategically placed venting, reinforced elbows and ribbed necks and more. They come in dozens of colors.

The company also offers custom templates for paintball jerseys that feature such fashionable touches as monochromatic color graduation, graphics flames and wave designs.

Another great site for cool looking designs is that features Celtic knots and neo primitive graphics. If you like flames as a motif for your paintball custom jersey then you might want to check out the satanic and military inspired designs at

Other great companies that feature custom print paintball jerseys and templates for custom paintball jerseys are Evil Jersey, JT USA, Nx Paintball, Paintball Junkies, Proto Paintball, Raven Paintball, Reactive Paintball, Redz Comfort Gear, Smart Pants Paintball, Tippmann Pneumatics and Worr Game Products.

Try to buy a custom paintball jersey that covers as much skin a possible.Long sleeves are definitely preferable to short sleeves as long sleeves protect your arms from the impact of paintballs as well as any scratches or scrapes that you might incur while sliding, rolling and brushing up against trees and walls to hide from the enemy.

Also avoid jerseys that boast too many buckles, zippers or any kind of metal adornment or drawstring that can catch or snag on brush or trees.

Experienced paintball players also recommend buying a jersey that is one size too big so that you can layer clothing beneath it. This allows you to wear your custom paintball jersey all year long.